Paola Mannaro

Telephone : 03-6751-1664

   2-8-10 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0032

Private Yoga Classes Monday to Friday morning

by appointment

10,000 Yen for two hours


The lessons are in physical yoga, specifically asana ( poses ), pranayam ( breath control ) and some cleansing practices, also mudra ( gestures / seals), bandha ( locks ), and some meditative practices.

Initially the emphasis is on exercises to balance the physical body and to build awareness of alignment, and axes of the body.  This can be achieved by various means, not necessarily yoga asana, the methods have been developed at YogaSan, and are tailored to the individual.  Once they are understood, anyone can practice them alone.  There are several reasons for this approach, the most important being safety, since full yoga asanas require an extreme level of strength and flexibility.

The second phase of training brings in more yoga asanas and exercises for the rib cage and the breath as a prelude to pranayam.

We hope to attract serious students of yoga who wish to explore the cross-over from physical to mental to spiritual realms.  We encourage students to take up reading of spiritual subject matter from our extensive library,  we also encourage and guide those wishing to take up worship and pilgrimage.  We are non-sectarian and welcome all religions, though our  base is in keeping with the origins of yoga, and is therefore in Hindu Dharma.

YogaSan retreat India 2015-16 has completed. 
You are welcome to contact me for classes.